NYC DiPaolo Dates

I just added 3 dates opening for my pal Nick DiPaolo.

June 12, June 13, June 19

All at Carolines on Broadway, here in New York, NY 

Nick is as good as it gets….I’m real good too…Kisses

8 o’clock shows.

Bye Bye.  

Comedy Shows

Hello, my name is Joe List. If you live in the New York or New England area and you like me, you should come to one of the following shows that I have.

Thursday, May 23rd I’m performing my one man show at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, Queens. The show, formerly known as “There Will Be Pigs” is currently unnamed but remains I think, very funny and interesting. It’s about a break-up and a television show and trip to Peru and a sexually transmitted disease and a bowel movement in a shoe and also love. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Also on Friday, June 14th I’m hosting my very own show at Grandma’s Basement in Boston, Massachusetts. Grandma’s Basement is in the Howard Johnson’s Hotel on Boylston Street right next to Fenway Park. It’s an exciting show for me because that’s the room I started my comedy career in. Some of my funniest and best friends  are on the show including Sarah Tollemache, Tony Moschetto, Scotty Lombardo, and some others. It’s gonna be a really fun night. I would love if you could join us.

Lastly, if you didn’t already know my CD “So Far No Good” is available at or you can get it directly from me at Grandma’s Basement in Boston on June 14th. You can also follow me on twitter @joelistcomedy and see me regularly all around New York City. My full(ish) calendar is available in the ‘calendar’ section of this modest website.

If you’re still reading this, I love you deeply. Kisses 

My friend Sarah is in a great mood today. 


Joe List is the truth.


Breakfast in Bed.

ESPN commercial that I am in.  I love you.

Comedy Studio Cambridge, MA

Make note of man not laughing at me.  I love you.

Ultimate Worrier Episode 5